My name is Rina (莉奈) Purdy. I'm a nomadic traveller, and artist. I have various creative projects that I like to do as I travel, and this website displays all my work. I'm entirely self-taught in all of my skills, and like to challenge myself with every new thing that I try. I have huge amounts of passion for my work, and I hope that others can appreciate it too.


Floating Wonderland

Floating Wonderland

Floating Wonderland is an indie game that I conceptualised back in 2014. It's a 2D platformer based in a world of floating islands, where gravity can act in any direction. The idea is that I can create large levels that can be explored in various ways depending on the direction the gravity points, and also make puzzles that utilise this mechanic.



Hand-made plush toys

So I used to be a really avid toy collector growing up, and I eventually ended up teaching myself to sew and wanted to start making toys for my collection that I knew I wouldn't be able to find in stores. That eventually evolved into this huge portfolio of over 60 different patterns, and experimenting with cool features in my toys like magnets and zippers

Travel blog

As I visit all kinds of places, I like to write about my experiences and share all the photography that I've taken in all the cool places I've been. This also extends to my Youtube channel, where I occasionally post vlogs of things that I'm getting up to.