About Me

My name is Rina Nishino. I’m a solo freelance artist and game developer based in the Netherlands. this site is where I showcase the work that I do! You can follow my social media using the links below, or join my Discord server to chat!

Indie Game Development

I’m working on a video game called Floating Wonderland. This has been a passion project of mine for a very long time, although as a solo developer with many other projects to manage, it’s still in development. The game can be found on steam here

Handmade plush toys

I make toys of all kinds of creatures, from original monsters to fanmade Pokémon, Splatoon, Kirby, or other video game characters. check out my gallery to see my work, visit the store to buy any I have available, or contact me for commissions!

Embroidered patches

I like to design embroidery patterns and make them into patches that can be ironed onto clothes I have various different designs, but my personal favorite are my heart flag series featuring various countries, regions, and pride flags!