Floating Wonderland

Floating Wonderland has been a major passion project of mine for several years now. I've always held the philosophy of designing the type of game that I'd personally want to play, so here is exactly that! A 2D platformer set in a fantasy world of floating islands, where gravity can act in any direction. The gameplay features 3 playable characters with varied abilities, and involves them exploring large, expansive, and secret-filled stages, that encourage them to utilize gravity in order to navigate and explore. Touching arrows in the stage, or interacting with certain objects, will flip the gravity to a new perspective, changing the way the character interacts with the environment, and opening new paths. The game will expand on these gravity mechanics to facilitate all sorts of different puzzles and gimmicks.

Alongside my mechanics, I've also written a rich world for this game to take place in, and a set of endearing characters to go along with it. I've always been quite an avid story-writer, and this game has been my chance to really go wild with that. Following from my philosophy of designing what I'd want to see, it's also been a great opportunity for me to include LGBT characters in my main cast, which is representation I've always wished I could have seen during times of feeling different and isolated for being a lesbian.

The game is intended to have about a dozen different levels and environments, ranging from huge cities, to frozen glaciers, and wacky mansions. There are also many planned bossfights that either involve other characters, or larger monsters (or both!)

Demo version available!

Windows Demo V2.0

This demo is mostly just a proof-of-concept for the game I’ve been working so hard on. It’s mechanically solid, but there are still a lot of known things that need to be addressed.

  1. The game has no sound at all right now. I’ll be working on that in the coming months

  2. Several aspects of the presentation need some work. I want to touch up on a bunch of the environments and backgrounds

  3. Some character actions are not final, and may be changed later on.

  4. There are several barren or empty rooms in the level designs. These are intentional, as I intend to later return to these spots and add new puzzles/mechanics, or hidden items.

  5. Several items and mechanics are missing, and will be implemented later in development.