Floating Wonderland

Floating Wonderland has been a major passion project of mine for several years now. The concept itself dates all the way back to late 2014. I'd always been a massive fan of Sonic games, and I had a particular love for the gravity gimmicks in some of the later stages. I wanted to expand on that idea to facilitate all sorts of different ways it could be used to interact with levels, and other gimmicks, and after being inspired by an indie game called Freedom Planet, I decided to make that dream into a reality!

I'm building this game with the philosophy of retro Sonic games. I've translated over the momentum-based movement system into my own game, but added my own unique flare to it. I'm creating a sizeable campaign with quite a few different zones, each divided into 2 acts, as well as designing very wide and explore-able stages, with plenty of secrets hidden away inside. I'm also taking a few pages from the Sonic and Knuckles book, and adding various exclusive pathways in the levels, which can only be accessed by certain characters.

Speaking of characters, I wanted to cram as much re-playability into this title as I could, as well as really stretch this unique engine to its limits, so I added multiple playable characters, each with their own movement capabilities that will spice up their run.

Demo version available!

Windows Demo V1.4.1

This demo is mostly just a proof-of-concept for the game I’ve been working so hard on. It’s mechanically solid, but there are still a lot of known things that need to be addressed.

  1. The game has no sound at all right now. I’ll be working on that in the coming months

  2. Several aspects of the presentation need some work. I want to touch up on a bunch of the environments and backgrounds

  3. Some character actions are not final, and may be changed later on.

  4. There are several barren or empty rooms in the level designs. These are intentional, as I intend to later return to these spots and add new puzzles/mechanics, or hidden items.

  5. Several items and mechanics are missing, and will be implemented later in development.