Fan Expo

So things have been pretty relaxed these past few weeks since moving int my new place, but one thing that I had my eye on for a while was Fan Expo. I was pretty excited to attend this, as it’d be a nice opportunity to hang out with with my friends, and meet some new people. I originally intended to attend the convention normally, (which would actually be a first for me this whole year), but here’s where things get really interesting.

So back in September, when I was staying with my friend and her sister, they introduced me to a guy in a mall who I ended up chatting with and exchanging contact details. He was a local artist, and seemingly a pretty well-connected one at that. We chatted for a bit, and after bringing up wanting to meet and chat with artists in the convention, he invited me to a discord server set up as a community for artists in the local Vancouver area. As the event approached a lot of them started preparing for FanExpo, but someone in the server seemed to have a family emergency, and had to drop out of her table, but wasn’t able to get a refund for the space she bought. I thought about it a little, and decided to step-in, and give her the money she paid for the booth, in exchange for being able to take over in her place.

So here I am. Setting up a table at a convention with a friend I made on the server with literally 1 day of notice!

Honestly, the whole thing was such a fun experience! I didn’t get the chance to bring any plushes that I’d be able to sell (since I didn’t exactly have the notice to make anything), but I met some more amazing people, and I got some good attention and feedback on my game. It’s also my first experience running a table at a 3-day convention, which will definitely be a good trial run for my big one in PAX South next January.

I saw some cool cosplayers come by my table that I just had to take photos of. I also took a few runs around other artist tables, and bought a few nice things including a cute Articuno plush, a cute lanyard, and a few more stickers that I put on the back of my laptop. I also saw a lady with amazing patchwork clothing that I totally wanna pick up when I get the chance, and I’ve got her etsy store on hand for whenever that moment comes!

As always, I made loads of friends at the event, and it was a really great time!