No gays allowed!

Okay, so I’m gonna get a little bit angry in this one. After afew weeks of hopping around in this city, it started to become apparent that if I wanted to stay in Vancouver (which I did, because there were a bunch of things in town that I wanted to stay involved with), couchsurfing wouldn’t cut it, and I’d have to find a sublet for a month or two. I started looking for places that were affordable (lol), and appropriate for the month of October, and was having quite a bit of difficulty. I ended up visiting a few places, but I got repeatedly rejected from each one in favor of another candidate, which was honestly extremely demoralizing. As October 1st loomed closer, I was getting increasingly more anxious, as I really needed to find something basically immediately, but was having very little luck.

I finally came by a place that seemed promising. A female shared room really close to downtown, and the cheapest I’d seen on my entire search. The landlord was a really nice guy, and we got along well, but during our conversation, I accidentally let slip that I was gay when I spoke of a date I had in town, and forgot to obscure their gender. This is typically common practice for me, as I usually tend to use vague genderless terms, often just to fish for people assumptions, but also for safety in situations like this. The guy didn’t seem bothered by it though, and by the time I left, it seemed promising that I’d get to sublet this room for the month. The next day I got an email that just felt so crushing:


I was honestly speechless when I read this email. The guy tried to brush it off in his second paragraph, and tried to suggest me “moving in with my beloved“, which seemed extremely presumptuous, given that I’m pretty sure I implied it was a first date, as I’d only recently been in town. Also, not exactly the kind of thing I should be expected to do, just because some cunt can’t deal with sharing a living space with someone different to her.

I responded b saying: “I'm actually astounded that of all things, I got rejected a room because of my sexuality...”

I got back this:


The funny thing is: I didn’t actually bring up discrimination at all; he did. I wasn’t making any accusations on the thing he just did, but he decided to go and dig that hole for himself anyway. I’m already far too busy and stressed to really care about this, and was just going to abandon it and move on, since I only had one day left to figure out my entire situation. However, this pathetic attempt to justify blatant homophobia really just pissed me off. Gay people are not some kind of dangerous predators that you have to be scared of being around. I’m not going to try and rape you in your homes!

At this point, i had one day left, and I was extremely on edge. I needed to find a new place the very next day, and my experience so far was not putting me at ease. However, in a stroke of luck, the pendulum ended up swinging right over to the opposite end of the spectrum, because the place I ended up going to on last day was an explicitly lgbt space with an out-and-proud trans woman, several lesbian roommates, and a general atmosphere that I really needed after that last place. Admittedly, it was a little further on the extreme end than I’d personally agree with, given that some people there had rather explicit views about straight/cis people, but it’s not like I’d be given any trouble, and it was a place that I could be comfortable for the month. They accepted me to move in the next day, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I’d just majorly dodged a bullet.