Washington and Oregon

Well, November 5th, and I crossed the border. Now I’m officially in the United States!

My first stop was Seattle. Essentially the easiest place to reach from Vancouver, and mostly a pit-stop on my journey. I stayed with a friendly student girl for about 3 days, and she was sweet, and really nice company. Her boyfriend was someone that I actually ended up chatting with quite a lot. he works as a Chinese teacher, and makes educational Youtube videos teaching it online. I watched him recording one of his videos, and even saw him get devastated when he forgot to press record on a really good take! We ended up chatting a lot about how he once flew over to China with very little knowledge and experience, and then got his money and passport stolen, and was stranded with no real way to support himself. He ended up getting taken in by people over there, survived off their kindness, and got fluent in the language during that time. It was a story that resonated with me, as it’s something that I’m able to relate with, and I’m glad that we seemed to be on a very similar wavelength.

My next stop was Salem, Oregon. I was speaking online with one of my British YouTube friends, and I brought up the idea of meeting a YouTuber he knew in town (Lockstin) while I was making my southward journey. The guy seemed down with it, and we actually went out for lunch together with his wife and editor, which was honestly an outcome I wasn’t expecting! He was a really chill guy, and his wife was so incredibly sweet! She seemed to love my game concept too, and I feel like I’m on a good track if I’m getting positive comments from people of that kind of high profile! I stayed in town with a guy I met on a Discord server just a few days before, and it was mostly relaxed while I was there. Salem is somewhat of a small town, so there wasn’t too many points of interest in town, although I did seem to make pretty decent friends with a homeless man in the area, who was quite lively, fun, and a joy to talk to. I’d often head out and find him, and then just sit on the floor chatting for hours. It was really nice company.

There was one thing that Lockstin recommended I check out in town, which was a place called Coffee in Motion. It was a café built in a double decker bus just on the outskirts of town. For anyone who knows anything about me, this is totally something that I find really cool, since I want to be able to eventually build a house out of a bus, and it was really great getting to chat with a guy who built a café in his.

Anyway, that aside, things haven’t been too eventful in the last few weeks, but things should probably pick up again once I reach Portland. I’m actually backtracking slightly on my southward journey, but I never actually stopped in Portland on my way down, and it’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit.