Adventures in Portland

Well, a short trip back toward the north, and i find myself in a wonderfully charismatic city. This time, I’m staying with a host that’s an older woman, who I’m helping out with some home decorating.

I’m actually really enjoying my time here. Portland really has a character to it that I very much appreciate. a lot of hipster cafés around, good food, gorgeous views and scenery, and fun little markets that pop up in various places. I noticed a very heavy African influence in town, as I visited several shops selling African clothes or decorations, and I found myself buying a really nice African shirt. This might have just been the short visit I had, but I don’t remember seeing much of thing kind of thing elsewhere.

On the last day of my visit, my host took me for a thanksgiving meal with her family at a large cabin up on Mt Hood. It was my first time ever getting to experience thanksgiving, and I really felt welcomed to their group. The kids were adorable and loved playing with my toys. There were a few other people that some of the family members had brought in with them, including a student from Alabama, and an exchange student from Saudi Arabia. At one point in the evening, one of the family members offered to take us even further up the mountain, where it was a lot colder, and snowier. I was excited at the opportunity, and jumped in the car alongside the other two students to witness a stark change in climate, as the cool slightly rainy environment we had lower town the mountain soon turned to below freezing weather, with the floors blanketed in snow. We found a small hotel up in this area, and had an explore around in the night-time snow, before getting in the car and driving back down into normal weather again.

The day afterwards, I hitched a ride from Portland all the way to San Francisco. I was riding with a girl who was an American Student up in Canada, and travelling back home to (presumably) visit family. We were actually driving down with very unfortunate timing, because the entire state of California seemed to be on fire, and we actually saw several parts of charred woodland as we passed through. We also went through some areas that were so covered in smoke, that we could barely see anything ahead of us. It was a little worrisome, but I was confident things would be okay, and they were! Now I’m in San Francisco, staying in a hostel for the night, but I’m going to make my way down to Santa Cruz next, where I know a guy, and I’m gonna stay with him for a bit.