New friends

One thing that I forgot to mention in my last post is that the hippie house I’m staying in typically has quite a few travellers in a one time. When I arrived, there was a Belgian student, an older French Canadian, and there was supposed to also be a British guy there too, but he walked out pretty quickly after I arrived for reasons I’m not really sure about. The company was pretty alright, but honestly nothing special. The hosts were nice, but I got someone pretty nice to hang out with after the first week. A German girl came in on pretty short notice after supposedly having a really bad experience in Yukon, and was looking for a new place to bounce to. She and I ended up sharing a bedroom, and we quickly made friends.

We took a trip up to Ganges during one of the week days, which is the main town on the island. It was a pleasant place with some cool little shops. There were a lot of really nice spots for photos, and she helped me get some really nice shots. The next weekend, we decided to get a boat off to Victoria together. We explored around the town, and bought a few cool things including the coolest soccer ball I’ve ever seen that’s covered in flags, and is exactly the kind of colorful thing that I want in my home once I start on that project.

We also took some time to explore around Salt Spring island too, and found some really nice spots to climb, walk, or relax. We saw a small beach that we sat and relaxed at, while watching the occasional boat pass, and taking a few nice photos. We heard that apparently there were regulars at the beach who’d go swimming nude, but unfortunately, we didn’t get to see that. In fact, clothing-optional is something that the island itself seems to have a generally lax attitude to, and that’s something I really would be interested in exploring one day.