Nostalgic journey through Vancouver

Things have been interesting since arriving in Vancouver. I’ve found the experience to be quite nostalgic, in fact. I haven’t been t this city in almost exactly 5 years, and yet, I remember so much about some of the places I was at, and the people I met here!

I spent a bit of time jumping around a few different places in town for the last few weeks. First with the friend who picked me up from the island, then with her sister who lived on the other side of the river, and then later with another host I could find close to the city. My friends have been real sweet with me in taking me around various parts of town, and showing me cool places. I’ve also gone around exploring a bunch on my own too. I’m finding that despite the difficulty I’m having in trying to find arrangements to stay in or around Vancouver, it’s worth saying for the amazing company I seem to have up here. It’s honestly such a shame that I never came back to Vancouver sooner!

Alongside my local friends, I also made friends with several tourists and travellers. I spent a few days hanging out with a girl from France, who I decided to tag along with for a few touristy walks. At one point we head out into North Vancouver to explore the Lynn Valley park, where we got to walk along a beautiful river, and walk along a really high wooden bridge, which is actually way scarier than it looks!

Oh also, to round things off, I made a new plush while at my friend’s house! Mega Medicham!