Version 1.4

Windows Demo V1.4


  • Updated the control-scheme. Most notably, I added an additional button after noticing that the ground-stomp is awkward to perform when played on controller. I decided to map it to its own individual button, and I’ll probably experiment more with the controls moving forward now that I have 4 primary buttons.

  • Minor graphical updates

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Changes made to several level layouts

Version 1.3

Windows Demo V1.3


  • Both Rika and Mima recieved major refinements to their movesets.

    • Rika’s laser now auto-targets nearby enemies as well as locking onto them once caught in the laser. It will also turn around to continue damaging the enemy if Rika runs past. Similarly, it also auto-targets nearby enemies or coins when Rika uses her standard attack. These are partially to increase precision in her moveset, but also gives the doll itself more autonomy.

    • The doll’s coin auto-collection was re-programmed to have a near 100% reliability at collecting coins it’s directed to. This was a little interesting to do, as any coins clustered together would have to picked up randomly, but i had to make sure it still went back and picked up anything that it missed

    • Rika’s grapple maneuver got tweaked to be a little easier to use, and generally more effective.

    • Mima’s fire punch can now be done in multiple directions. I had to draw out new animations for her shooting fire downwards and upwards. I also applied recoil to these moves, which I decided to make add to the same counter as Mima’s flight, to avoid jump-height cheese.

  • Coins dropped from enemies or the player now bounce when they hit any surface. This subtle change is done to avoid collectibles getting jammed into the ground, which is something I had so many problems with before. It’s not a particularly easy problem to address without needlessly over-complicating my collectibles, so the bounce is super helpful.

  • A minor change in the properties of the coins freed up a huge amount of memory that the game was eating for practically no reason.

Version 1.2

Windows Demo V1.2


  • Overhauled the damage mechanics and added in a system similar to the Ringloss from Sonic. Taking damage now still gives a penalty, but you can stop to recover if needed. Also adding more purpose to the collectibles

  • Revamped Kimiko’s moveset, and changed how her telekinesis works.

    • She now spawns a certain minimum number of default energy balls on top of any projectiles she’s also collected, which makes her telekinesis inventory less cluttered.

    • She can also stop and start her attraction field at will. This means that she can hold objects in place to bounce on, and then pull them all back to continue attacking. She can only freeze the objects in midair once per jump though.

  • A few minor control tweaks were made for each character. Most notably adding a few buffer frames to each of the character’s special moves, to make sure that they still do something even if the player only taps the button.

  • A lot of changes were written on my second laptop in the back of my booth whilst I was running my exhibit at FanExpo, so I’ll probably be following this up with another update pretty quickly, as I wrote a lot of that while being pretty busy.

Version 1.1

Windows demo V1.1

  • Mostly just a few level-design changes from the original. I learned a lot from watching people play during my exhibit in FanExpo, and I tweaked parts of the level to better communicate certain things.