Version 2.0

Windows Demo V2.0



  • Minor glitches removed

  • Level designs updated

  • Stomp move updated to work for all characters even while on the ground. If pressed, the character will jump up slightly before initiating their stomp.


Kimiko has recieved a few updates from the previous version, and there are still a few intended for the next release.

  • Control of psychic field changed to be more intuitive. When Kimiko is on the ground, the directional keys will move the projectiles and field (relatively) left or right instead of moving her

  • Kimiko’s standard spin attack can now be aimed up and down. The button can also be tapped or held to perform the attack continuously, although doing so will make her stand in place until the attack is over.

  • Kimiko’s crouch+jump action has been chanced from a leap forward to a super-jump upward.


Rika has stayed relatively the same between versions with a few tweaks and bug-fixes.

  • There is a known bug that seems to happen exclusively with Rika, and I’m searching for the source. When collecting health pieces, the game occasionally gets confused and removes every single health piece on the stage.


Mima has recieved some of the most drastic changes of the three characters since the last version. I was never particularly happy with her moveset compared to Kimiko and Rika, and I wanted to completely revamp her control to make it a lot more interesting, and on par with the other girls.

  • Mima’s flight has been reduced from 5 jumps to 3. A nerf like this seems odd for someone I’d already considered to be the weakest of my 3 characters, but it was necessary to make any meaningful expansion on her abilities.

  • Her fire spin has been changed, with much shorter-lasting fire, but spreading much wider, further, and without any random elements.

  • Pressing jump during her fire spin will activate a fire-bullet attack, which will have Mima roll up into a ball, and shoot forward, or diagonally until hitting a wall or obstacle.

  • Mima can jump during her roll, and will stay in her ball. She will also stay in a ball when rolling off platforms, and will damage any enemies she comes into contact with while rolling.


Saki is a brand new playable character in the game, and the last of the 4 that will be available in the full release. She is intended as a late-game unlockable, so certain abilities she has are capable of shredding through many obstacles in levels.

  • Saki is still missing a special and several animations. This will be addressed in future versions. She is still very playable in her current state though, which is why I’ve added her to the demo roster.

  • Saki’s main gimmicks are her abilities to morph and teleport. The morphing will be expanded on once I add her specials, but her teleport is activated by pressing jump in mid-air. She will teleport a short distance in any direction, even passing through walls or objects in her way. There are some known bugs with this ability.