Commissioning Information

I'm usually open to requests or commissions for plushes. I have a wide range of plushes that I'm capable of making.

Commission prices will vary by the type of plush that I’m making. If it’s small, simple, and doesn’t take much time, then the price won’t be too much, but really detailed plushes with additional features will take a longer time to make, and thus cost more.

All prices will be given in USD ($), however I also accept GBP (£), and CAD (C$). Shipping prices may vary.

Basic Plush - $30~$50

Usually plushes with little amounts detail, and no major features. If the shape of the creature is just a ball with legs, or something to that effect, it’ll be pretty quick and easy to produce.

Examples within my portfolio include Trapinch, and Azumarill.

Regular plush - $50~$75

A majority of plushes will fall into this bracket. Anything with a moderate amount of detail, or just something simple with additional features (such as my money-pouch Shedinja) is generally within the average price range.

Complex plush $75~$120

Typically plushes that have large amounts of detail, and thus take several days to make. This often includes plushes with features like magnets, zippers, forme changes, or multiple segments.

Examples withinin my portfolio that would fall into this category include all of the Tapu plushes, the Rainbow Kecleon, and Buzzwole

To make a commission, you can contact me using the contact page on the website, or using my Social media or Discord server.