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Story and Setting

The game is set in a fantasy world made up of an archipelago of floating islands orbiting around each other. On these islands, gravity operates in a unique way, in which every person and object is under the influence of its own gravity that acts in any particular direction, and can typically be changed by entering different gravity fields, which are littered throughout landscapes.

The world is populated by humans, and "mythics", which are human-like beings that typically have unique traits and supernatural abilities specific to their species, such as dragon people, that can manipulate fire, or rabbits, who can utilize telekinesis. Mythics are all vulnerable to contact with metals, which are toxic to them. There are typically many rifts between these people groups, and a lot of it has to do with events in the history of the world itself. Across their journeys, the 3 playable characters will each experience these conflicts from entirely different perspectives, and occasionally even fight each other. The whole plot can be pieced together from each individual campaign.