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Story And Setting

The game is set in a fantasy world made up of an archipelago of floating islands orbiting around each other. On these islands, gravity operates in a unique way, in which every person and object is under the influence of its own gravity that acts in any particular direction, and can typically be changed by entering different gravity fields, which are littered throughout landscapes.

The world is populated by humans, and "mythics", which are human-like beings that typically have unique traits and supernatural abilities specific to their species, such as dragon people, that can manipulate fire, or rabbits, who can utilize telekinesis. Mythics are all vulnerable to contact with metals, which are toxic to them. There are typically many rifts between these people groups, and a lot of it has to do with events in the history of the world itself. Across their journeys, the 3 playable characters will each experience these conflicts from entirely different perspectives, and occasionally even fight each other. The whole plot can be pieced together from each individual campaign.

Playable characters


Kimiko is a 17 year old half human, half rabbit. with telekinetic abilities. She lives in a woodland treehouse with her best friend Rika, and is typically joyful and naive in personality.

Her story kicks off when Mima breaks into her home, and steals a precious item, which was a memento of her deceased mother. She chases after her to get it back, and the bubble of her sheltered lifestyle is burst as she is thrust into the ugly conflicts of the outside world, and gets the worst of both sides due to her half-breed heritage. She also begins to learn about what it was that Mima stole, and how it's related to her heritage.

Kimiko is a very lightweight character in gameplay, and has relatively floaty midair abilities along with the highest jump. As a special ability she can utilize a telekinetic field that draws in collectibles, or throwable projectiles. She also swings around energy balls, and anything she picks up, which can be used as either bounceable platforms, or projectiles to hit enemies.

Rika is an energetic and athletic human girl, who lives with Kimiko in her woodland cabin. She's playful, tomboyish, and much more hardened than her friend Kimiko, due to having her family and childhood home taken away by mythics. She goes everywhere with a magical floating doll, that she can use to augment her movement and offensive abilities

Rika sees herself as a vigilante, hunting down troublesome mythics and putting them in their place, So when her friend gets robbed by a dragon, she immediately gets involved! She's generally well-natured and avoids brutality, but as her story progresses, she starts seeing a much more sinister side to what the humans are doing, and ends up getting ostracized and hunted when she attempts to defend Kimiko.

In gameplay, Rika has a slightly higher movement speed than the other girls, but the lowest jump height. Her playstyle revolves around her acrobatics, and the combos she can do with her doll. The doll can be made to attack enemies, collect items, and latch onto walls an pull Rika like a grappling hook.


Mima is a dragon mythic living alongside friends and family in a village located on a volcanic island. She's a prideful and ambitious character, typically acting as a lone wolf in many scenarios.

At the start of her story, something happens that accidentally provokes the attention of the humans, and her village is raided and destroyed. She finds herself powerless to fight back, as the leader, Tessa, is an android that she can't touch or damage due to her vulnerability to metals. After a narrow escape from a thorough beat-down, and now being a target for mythic hunters, her only hope to fight back is to attempt an ancient immortality legend she heard of involving 3 magical relics - the first of which she finds just sitting on a desk in Kimiko's treehouse.

Mima uses her flight and fire powers in gameplay. She shoots fire to attack, and can spread her wings to reach high places. She can roll into a fireball to gain speed on slopes, and is also immune to all types of fire damage. She can swim inside lava, and other hot liquids, giving her access to certain areas that the other characters can't reach.